Funeral Sales Consultant

Chattanooga, United States of America

We are a company founded by fourth-generation funeral home professionals to transform the face of preneed marketing. Across America, funeral homes are choosing our new proven approach to reach a larger share of the preneed customers wanted most - the baby boomers

With us, we'll provide you EVERYTHING you need to succeed. A first class full curriculum training program as well as working with one of the most prestigious funeral homes in the area. A high volume of walk-in customers as well as warm leads generated by our marketing efforts (no cold calling!!!)


- 3 years of demonstrated success in a sales environment ; previous Pre-Need / Pre-Arrangement Funeral sales experience not required

- High level of compassion and integrity

- Strong personal skills ; telephone skills and communications skills

- Self-starter/self-reliant mentality ; if you can work independently you will do VERY well here

Job Responsibilities:

- You will be responsible for generating pre-need funeral sales from customers (walk ins, warm leads, and referrals)

- Must maintain regular office hours ; although the schedule is flexible the best candidates will come up with their own hours to be successful

- Maintain a HIGH level of customer service ; even for customers just looking for information

Funeral Sales Consultant

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Funeral Sales Consultant

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