Import Operations Specialist - Bensenville, IL

Bensenville, United States

** $50,000 - $55,000 per year **

** Great growing company with growth opportunity **

** Must have experience with CargoWise **

• Experience in Import operations and Incoterms
• Experience in Domestic and Rail Transportation
• Experience in IPI and in bond movements
• Experience in Import Consolidation Services and Destination Devanning processes
• Experience with ISF Filings and Requirements
• Experience with Freight Releases and Freight Payments
• Excellent Customer Service Skills , communication and team skills
• Enthusiasm, versatility, flexibility and willingness to work in a fast paced environment, within constant changing priorities
• Able to multi-task and Juggle priorities
• Knowledge and experience of CargoWise System

Import Operation supports the import manager to maintain the smooth quality process, providing the timely information and work with team member to achieve the department budget.

Fulfill designated responsibilities from manager. Develop and maintain customer relationships consistent with company goals towards service and profitability. Perform duties as necessary to retain customers and achieve company goals.

1. Documentation
A. Review new pre-alert and adjust the date on the tasks based the shipment arrival status
B. Check charges on carrier arrival notice on each shipment
C. Issue delivery order to trucker
2. Operation
A. Check delivery cost and trucker capacity when receive the pre-alert and finalize the trucker to handle the shipment
B. Email agent when there is discrepancy on the carrier’s charges
C. Work with agent when there is issue
D. Follow up/work with broker at Customs clearance on DDP/VIP shipment
E. Bill duty with due date and email to agent/customer
F. Send reminder and follow up the duty payment
G. Handle Freight release on each shipment including checking MBL status and send check request to accounting and send OBL and payment to carrier
H. Work with trucker to deliver each shipment within free time, schedule the delivery with receiving warehouse
I. Follow up each delivery and email waiting time details to customer/agent after delivery is complete
J. Handle additional billing on the shipment
3. Accounting/PNL
A. Handle and resolve vendor invoices
B. Approve agent’s debit/credit notes
C. Month End Closing

Import Operations Specialist - Bensenville, IL

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Import Operations Specialist - Bensenville, IL

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