Lab Technician

Wallingford, United States of America

Starting pay rate is $29.00 an hour. 

Benefits: Medical, dental, and vision insurance. 401k + 100% match up to 6%, tuition reimbursement and profit-sharing bonuses paid out yearly directly into 401k account (Track record is the past 5 years they have had bonuses paid out) typically around 3% a year (3% of gross income) that’s an average – could be less could be more

Responsible for the testing of production batch samples and adjusting to plant formula specifications.

Job Description:

  • Perform all laboratory tests (including MSC) according to written instructions, including the use of existing/ newly introduced equipment to improve the efficiency and/or accuracy of the measurements.
  • Analyses apply to raw materials, in-process samples, intermediates, finished goods, and any development work that may require the use of the QC test methods.
  • Analyze key chemical process parameters as directed in LIMS and/or Laboratory Control Instructions.  Determine and communicate required actions to the proper group as part of the results of the analyses, which includes both verbal and computer-based systems.
  • Perform mathematical calculations using supplied equations or spreadsheets.
  • Prepare product certificates of analysis.
  • Record test results and actions on paperwork and/or into computer systems.
  • Maintain housekeeping in Laboratory, not just relegated to the equipment used, but also to the infrastructure (floors, walls, refuse, etc.).
  • Monitor key chemical process parameters and determine adjustments to correct for deviations following the batch laboratory control instructions, including any testing required for blending of rework/off-grade, etc.
  • Weigh-up quantities of raw materials for addition to processes in addition to or in conjunction with production operators doing the same.
  • Maintain, identify the need to order, and organize (store) laboratory supplies/inventory, and relay chemical/supply needs to lab group leaders.
  • Perform laboratory equipment calibration per documented procedures and maintain records of calibration as indicated.
  • Prepare daily shift reports and distribute via email
  • Generate daily QC lot backlog report to keep the material handling aspects as efficient as possible
  • Other operations as determined.



Bachelor’s degree in chemistry or science-related field is preferred but not required


Prior laboratory experience


  • Good oral and written communication skills
  • Basic understanding of mathematics
  • Reading comprehension
  • Be able to multitask in a fast-paced lab environment, providing accurate results
  • Basic computer skills
  • Basic knowledge of SPC principles

Job description

Lab Technician

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