Senior Acquisition Specialist

Bethesda, United States of America


$120,000-$180,000 depending on experience


Medical, Dental, Vision, Matching 401k, Life, Generous PTO, Wellness Reimbursements, Charitable Contributions

Work Location

Bethesda, MD


Must have FAC-C Level 2+ or DAWIA Level 2+. 5+ years of contracts experience as well.

Job Description

This is a 3 year contract.

This requirement is to have support services under one designated BPA. The acquisition and contract management support services consist of professional acquisition and contract support services to the NITAAC, COAC, and options for HHS and their respective Acquisition Procurement Office in the areas of pre-award acquisition planning, source selection, contract administration and management, assist with the preparation of contracts, task and delivery orders, modifications, and management of various contractual vehicles.

The acquisition and contract support services include a variety of contract types to support the acquisition of information technology systems and support.

The work performed shall conform to all Government regulations and policies including the Federal Acquisition Regulation (FAR), the Defense Federal Acquisition Regulation Supplement (DFARS), and other agency supplemental regulations as appropriate.

The Contractor shall ensure that all acquisition support personnel assigned under the resultant BPA shall possess Federal Acquisition Certification in Contracting (FAC-C) Level II or III or Defense Acquisition Workforce Improvement Act (DAWIA) Level II or III (or equivalent certification) and have in depth knowledge and experience in complex IT acquisitions. Candidates for NITAAC shall have 10+ years’ experience and be FAC-C Level II or III, or DAWIA Level II or III or equivalent. Candidates for the COAC shall have between 5- and 10-years experience and be FAC-C Level I or II, or DAWIA Level I or II, or equivalent.

The Contractor shall provide personnel, resources, and may include facilities, as appropriate, to provide efficient and cost-effective acquisition support services for the requirements described below.

Provide advice, recommendations, and document support to multiple offices in all areas of the acquisition requirements phase. Contractor support personnel shall coordinate with the NITAAC , COAC (or respective HHS program) and their client agencies on all requirement support services. Requirements support includes: client agencies on all requirement support services. Requirements support includes:

Statement of Work/Requirements Documents 

Assist in development and preparation of pre-award Statements of Work (SOW), Statements of Objective (SOO), and other requirements documents. This effort includes assisting program offices in researching and drafting specifications and standards, including Performance Work Statements (PWS); developing performance measures, providing consultation and recommendations; and coordinating requirements documents. eGOS (electronic government ordering system), NITAAC’s version of the System for Award Management (, training and proficiency is required.

Outputs: SOWs; SOOs; PWSs; and related documents.

Acquisition Strategy Support 

Provide advice and recommendations for all elements in acquisition plans, including approaches, options, strategies, risks, contracting methods, competition, sources, cost, milestone schedule, etc. Evaluate different approaches to and sources for acquisition support. Research available NITAAC, COAC or HHS suppliers and compare the services and costs of obtaining support from the different providers. Assist with Economy Act applicability determinations.

Outputs: Written acquisition plans; Economy Act documentation, 42 USC Section 213.

RFQ No. 75N98022Q00033 Acquisition Support for NITAAC, COAC, and Options for HHS


Independent Government Cost Estimates (IGCE) 

Contractor shall provide assistance to the program offices in preparing IGCEs. Such assistance may include; and is not limited to, research and analysis of past purchases of similar products or services, current market value of the products or services, other agency purchases of similar products and services.

Outputs: IGCEs.

Market Research and Market Surveys 

Assist in conducting market research to identify potential sources using the NITAAC, COAC or HHS vehicles. Potential sources should include socio-economic program participants (i.e., small businesses, small and disadvantaged businesses, HUBZone businesses). Support program offices in documenting small business capability analysis. Prepare eGOS and other electronic posting announcements.

Outputs: Market research documentation; eGOS electronic posting announcements; small business capability analyses.

Pre-Award Documentation and Source Selection 

Assist in evaluation process and assure written documentation to support both informal and formal source selection procedures. If formal source selection procedures are used - Prepare Source Selection Plans, assist with identification of SSEB members, instruct SSEB members on roles and responsibilities, ensure Conflict of Interest/Nondisclosure forms are signed, prepare evaluation sheets, and prepare Source Selection Decision Memorandum. Other pre-award documents may include Determinations and Findings (D&Fs), Justifications and Approvals (J&As), and other necessary contract file documents.

Outputs: Source selection evaluation documentation; D&Fs; J&As; and other necessary contract file documents.


Prepare Request for Quotes (RFQs), Request for Proposals (RFPs) including two-phased design/build solicitations, and Combined Synopsis/Solicitations. Assure the solicitation includes all appropriate solicitation terms and conditions. Recommend and prepare unique terms and conditions as required. Prior to release of solicitation, verify that funds are available and obtain legal concurrence. Release solicitation by electronic posting.

Outputs: Solicitations.

Contract Award 

Work with evaluators and Contracting Officer (CO) to identify pre-negotiation objectives and assist the CO during discussions with Offerors. Prepare final contract award documents for

RFQ No. 75N98022Q00033 Acquisition Support for NITAAC, COAC, and Options for HHS


task and delivery orders and stand-alone contracts for CO signature in the NIH Business System (NBS), PRISM, and Contracting Officer’s Representative (COR) designation letters. Obtain legal concurrence. Distribute contract to appropriate parties. Report contract actions either directly into the Federal Procurement Data System (FPDS), or to FPDS via PRISM.

Outputs: Award document preparation/FPDS Reporting documentation, Contract file documentation.

Post-Award Support 

Prepare appropriate documentation for contract modifications, including the exercise of options. Monitor contractor performance, including schedules and milestones. Monitor contractor compliance with terms of the contract, including site visits and labor interviews. Assist in the preparation of incentive and award fees. Assist in the resolution of performance problems. Process contractor invoices, including contract funding status management.

Outputs: Modifications, award or incentive fee determinations, invoice packages, correspondence, and administration.

Policy Support 

Assist NITAAC and COAC (with options for HHS) in the development, implementation, and oversight of DoD policy initiatives. Assist in the analysis of federal, DoD policy proposals. Provide expert advice on acquisition policy.

Outputs: Policy analysis and briefings. Policy guides and handbooks.

Senior Acquisition Specialist

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Senior Acquisition Specialist

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